Should Shooters display some kind of Izaak Walton ID?
  • It was discussed and then decided that a membership list would be posted at the range for the Range Safety officers to check against either a member’s id card or drivers license if deemed necessary.  

How should a person approach an unsafe shooter to correct a problem?

  • All shooters should introduce themselves to each other during a safe period of shooting. If any shooter witnesses an unsafe practice that is contrary to the rules of the range, please approach the person with calmness and kindness to remind the shooter of the need to correct an unsafe practice.

How do we keep track of member’s use of Clays?

  • There will be score cards on a clip board provided to keep track of the number of rounds shoot. The trap machine operator will keep track of the clays used and collect the cost of birds. Members will be charged $3.50 for 25 rounds.

Can we divide up and develop an adult shooters competition?

  • Until we become more familiar with the different shooters capabilities it will be difficult to determine whether or not they are an accomplished shooter, a intermediate or beginning shooter. An effort will be made to determine shooters abilities at an open shooting session and then different competitions can be scheduled.

We need a Children’s shooting education program. How do we start?

  • In the Spring the committee intends to organize kids programs starting with basic safety and then will include instruction with air rifles. A second class on pistols using airsoft pistols may be taught teaching basic safety and safe handling and is to include shooting on the pistol range.

What are the problems that have occurred since the start of the shooting range?

  • The committee believes the most common problems are coming down on the target ( danger of shooting over the berm), cleaning up after a shooting session and not communicating with the shooter next to them before advancing to the target or beginning to shoot.